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Capital Market Services is dedicated to working with and improving upon clearing and execution service businesses.  Our team is committed to working with each of our clients individually in order to tailor our approach directly to their needs.  We leverage our 30+ years of financial services experience and expertise to devise innovative solutions to each of our clients business desires.

John C. Shay | Managing Partner

John Shay founded and serves as Managing Partner at Capital Market Services Inc., a wholly-owned clearing and execution services business designed to improve market access for algorithmic strategy hedge funds in the over-the-counter and exchange-traded space. 

Since 2007, Shay has been part of the Virtu family of businesses. He along with Virtu Founder Vinnie Viola created the market’s first OTC Interest Rate Clearing DCO called IDCG. That business was sold to LCH in 2012 and included NDAQ as its majority shareholder.

From 2012 to 2016 Shay served as Senior Vice President for Global Markets at Virtu Financial, where he was responsible for managing outside venue, vendor and trading relationships, focused on fixed income, commodities, and currencies.  He currently advises the CEO on all matters FICC related.

He was formerly a member of the Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee (TBAC 2014 – 2016), TMPG, FXPA and a Main Board member of LCH group.

In 2016, John Shay joined Nasdaq as Senior Vice President and Global Head of Fixed Income and Commodities. In this role, Shay was responsible for leading the global commodities and fixed-income areas within Nasdaq’s Global Trading and Market Services business. This included U.S. Treasuries, global commodities, and in the Nordic and Baltic markets, he was responsible for fixed income, clearing, and broker services activities. 

He is an active public speaker and is often quoted in major global FICC publications. He is also a panelist and moderator at numerous industry conferences as well as an advisor to the US Treasury, CFTC, SEC, FED and Bank of England. He has also testified before the US Congress on Market structure reforms, most recently July 2017.

In 1982 Shay began his 25-year career at ICAP, where he served as Executive Vice President and Global Head of Sales for ICAP Electronic Broking (IEB) for Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange from 2003 to 2007. Prior to 2003, he helped develop strategic partnerships in China, Hong Kong, Japan, South America, and the European Union, and was instrumental in growing the company’s market share in U.S. Treasuries, Mortgage Backed Products, and Repo. 

Shay earned an M.B.A. from Columbia Business School, Columbia University and a B.B.A. from Pace University’s Lubin School of Business graduating magna cum laude.


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